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Pets that receive quality veterinary care are more likely to live longer, healthier lives. That’s our goal at Happy Pets Vets. We want you to enjoy your canine or feline companion for years to come. By offering the best pet care services in the Cypress and Katy, TX, area, we do our part to keep your pet looking and feeling great from babyhood through its golden years. Here’s what you can expect from our dedicated veterinary team in the care of your pet.

Happy Pets Vets

Who We Are

Happy Pets Vets is run by a team of veterinary specialists committed to providing quality pet care services to pets in the Cypress and Katy, TX, communities. We believe that pets are valued members of their families and deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Whether you’re coming in for a routine checkup or a complex surgery, we’ll make sure your pet gets the time and attention required for conscientious, personalized care.

What We Do

Our full-service animal hospital offers preventive care, general care, surgical care and emergency care for pets of all sizes, breeds, and ages. These services include:

Wellness exams

Annual wellness exams help uncover signs of undetected health issues, enabling your pet to receive prompt treatment that can help expedite its recovery. Wellness exams also prevent health problems, so your pet can enjoy good health in the long-term.

Parasite Control

Our heartworm prevention and treatment services will keep your pet parasite-free year round.


Pet vaccines protect your pet against life-threatening diseases. We’ll set up a vaccination schedule conducive to your pet’s vet-care needs.


Our animal hospital maintains an onsite lab and pharmacy, and offers onsite radiology and ultrasound services to provide quick and accurate diagnosis of health issues. This helps avoid delays in your pet’s treatment.

Dental Care

Our veterinarian offers comprehensive dental exams, cleanings, dental treatments, and oral surgery, when needed, to help your pet maintain exceptional oral health.

Pet Surgery

We perform general surgery to include spay and neuter procedures and laser procedures to reduce pain and expedite healing of pet injuries and surgical treatments.

Emergency and Critical Care

Our emergency vet is on hand to treat emergency situations that may arise, such as toxic ingestion or injuries from car accidents or animal fights.

Additional Services

Additional services we provide include grooming, pet boarding, nutritional counseling, the supply of healthy foods and supplements, and conscientious geriatric care.

Trust Our Cypress and Katy, TX, Veterinarian for Quality Pet Care

From preventive care to emergency vet care, you can trust Happy Pets Vets, serving Cypress and Katy, TX, for all your pet care needs. Contact us today at (281) 856-7171

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