Our Mission

We Care Values

1. One very experienced, dedicated, caring and excellent Veterinarian will treat your best friend(s) as our family and as our own best friend.

2. You see only one Veterinarian to provided the continuity of pet care.

3. Only one Veterinarian and highly compassionate and dedicated staff will provide the highest level of exceptional gentle care.

4. We get to know your best friend as our own and do not do a rush job.

5. We offer second opinion for your best friend(s).

6. We offer and recommend what is best for your best friend and the owner always decides what is best for their best friend(s).

We are dedicated professionals striving to provide you and your family the best care for your pet, convenience and the highest standards of care and quality of service.

Our Commitment

We understand that your pet holds a valued place in your life and heart. We make it our life’s committed passion to respect & honor that special bond by providing the best health care for your pet.

Standards of Care

Our practice and our team strives to demonstrate an exceptional high level of care and service. We are proud of our practice and believe that we are on the leading edge and focused on providing you and your pet with the highest quality and range of services you expect and deserve.

Examination, Dentistry and Medical Records

Annual wellness exams, immunizations and dental care are key preventative services we provide to keep your pet healthy. We keep thorough medical records, from your pet’s first visit through his or her senior years.

Laboratory, Radiology and Pharmacy

Access to the right equipment and services means we are able to accurately diagnose and evaluate health problems and begin treatment as soon as possible. We take and develop x-rays at the clinic. In addition, we maintain a complete on-site pharmacy so we can provide the medications your pet needs. 

Anesthesiology, Surgery and Nursing Care

When your pet’s health calls for sedation, anesthesia or surgery, our professional team provides a safe comfortable environment. We administer only Sevoflurane anesthesia. The safest general gas anesthesia on the market and perform surgery with laser in a manner that helps your pet protect from the risk of post-operative infection and excessive bleeding. Because post-treatment and post-surgical pain may be unavoidable, we evaluate and treat your pet’s pain to make him or her as comfortable as possible.