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Preventive Care

Dr Ansari and the staff at Happy Pets Vets want to ensure that your furry friend is as safe and protected from infectious diseases and preventative illness as possible. The best way we can help make that happen is through preventative care and regular wellness check-ups. 

Preventive Care Consists Of Items Like:

  • Vaccinations
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Wellness Blood Screening
  • Heartworm Testing
  • Intestinal Parasite Testing
  • Flea, Tick & Mosquito & Heartworm Preventives.

Heartworm Treatment

1. Mandatory Exam $45.00

2. Immiticide Treatment starts at $250.00 and up

3. We offer full services.

Annual Wellness Packages

Get one (1) year Free Exams (Medical, Follow ups and Emergencies) 

when you purchase an Annual Wellness package for your pet.

Pet Wellness (Walk - ins Only)

1. Wellness starts at Puppy/ Kitten $14.99 for DHPP/ FVRCP and a Licensed Veterinarian Wellness Exam.

2. Wellness Dog/ Cat starts at $19.99 for DHPP/ FVRCP, Rabies, and a Licensed Veterinarian wellness Exam.

3. We offer  full services.

BASIC DOG DENTAL up to 6 years of age

Mandatory Exam is Including in all Prices
Body Weight  Vaccinations Cost
1 to 25 lbs Current $175.00
26 to 50lb Current $185.00
1 to 25 lbs Not Current $195.00
26 to  Not Current $205.00
BASIC CAT DENTAL up to 6 years of age

Mandatory Exam is Including in all Prices
 Vaccinations Cost
Current $175.00
Not Current $195.00

We offer full services.


Mandatory Exam is Including in all Prices

Age Body            Weight                    Cost

4 Months            5 #'s                      $ 200.00 Current on Vaccinations

                                                       $ 220.00 not current on Vaccinations 


All Breeds Less Than 8 Weeks of Age

Mandatory exam is included in all prices.

All surgeries are done with Laser and Sevoflorane gas anesthesia.

No date rape drugs used for general anesthesia.

If there are any issues, the exam fee ($ 45.00 ) is not refundable.

Mandatory Exam is Including in all Prices

Body weight                Vaccinations                  Cost

Less than 15 #'s            Current                          $ 125.00 + Exam $45.00 not refundable

                                    Not Current                    $ 150.00 + Exam $45.00 not refundable

Please keep in mind that all prices above are quotes, call us at 281-856-7171 to schedule a consultation with Dr Ansari to examine your pet and receive an estimate and preventative care treatment plan that is customized to the needs of your pet!