The team at Happy Pets Vets is proud to offer a full line of specialty veterinary medicine related services and advanced diagnostics, such as high quality digital x-rays, laser surgery, in house ultrasound and endoscopy.


We use the Sound Eklin Digital X-Ray system for the best and the highest quality digital x-rays. This allows us to take and read your pet’s x-rays immediately to be able to diagnosis and start treatment soon.

We also have the option of using Telemedicine to send the x-rays to another specialist to be read if we are in need of a second opinion for more accurate diagnosis.

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Our in-house ultrasounds are performed using the, GE Logic p6, which is the top of the line ultrasound machine available to veterinarians. This advanced diagnostic tool allows us to take a look at internal organs non-invasively.

Being able to perform an ultrasound in house allows us to diagnose pregnancy as early as 21 days, or look at the heart, liver, pancreas, bladder, kidney or intestinal organs. We can also do a fine needle aspirate or biopsy for histopathology to make accurate diagnosis.

Dr Ansari has taken advanced training to be able to accurately read all these diagnostic tests. We can also send them to a telemedicine specialist for a second opinion as needed.