Your Pet Deserves A Second Opinion

1. For your peace of mind your pet deserves a second opinion.

2. Bring written pet medical records and not receipts.

3.All Texas licensed Vets are required by law to give written pet medical records within 15 days {Texas Vet Board rule 573.54}

4. If a Vet refuses to release pet medical records in writing then lookup on the internet how to complain to the TX. Vet board.

5.After an exam and review of your pet medical records a second opinion can be given.

6. The notion that “you get what you paid for is absolutely wrong”

7. All TX licensed Vets are held to the same standard of pet care and have the same license. For example, no Vet must extract teeth without a dental x-ray, even if it is free. If a Vet does it you need to report to the Vet board.

8.If a Vet tells you to wait and watch your pet, this is bad news for your pet and your wallet.